In recent decades, we have seen growing within the black community, a sense of search for African identity among both Africans and Afro-descendants. The desire to learn from Africa its languages, its culture as well as the appropriation of its thought has become not only a mass phenomenon, but above all a way to find its lost identity, far from the continent that we do not sometimes never knew.
By thinking about the means that can be implemented in order to overcome essentially the lack of linguistic knowledge and culture of the Bakongo in the diaspora, the idea has come to us to set up structures that can serve as a crucible where we can find ourselves and dring of African ancestral knowledge water. Setting up a printing press was one of the first ideas that germinated before realizing that the cultural fact is a set of activities bringing together, singings, readings, theater, cinema, and so ons. It was then that Kimvuka Ntuka Kongo was born, an association of people from Kongo. Kimvuka Ntuka Kongo, association des originaires du Kongo.

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